Every Emma shoe and boot is designed to keep your foot dry, comfortable and safe from the inside – out. It’s a philosophy that drives everything we do. Energy saving soles mean that you’ll require less ‘action’ to create the same movement and momentum. Which in turn means, you’ll generate less heat inside the shoe, therefore significantly reducing the amount the feet perspire.


During a standard, normal working day, the average foot will lose enough moisture to fill a shot glass (wearing inferior shoes it may feel like enough to fill a bottle). Emma’s  Hydro-Tec® technology carries moisture away from the foot.  Hydro-Tec® enables the moisture to be absorbed by the shoe’s lining and evaporate virtually instantly. For maximum protection from dampness, we recommend wearing our shoes and socks together. Emma’s Hydro-Dry® socks feature Dupont’s renowned Coolmax® technology. Four micro channels transport moisture away from the foot’s surface which, when used together with  Hydro-Tec®, maximizes dryness and comfort.  Hydro-Tec® allows internal moisture vapour to escape easily and efficiently. It’s the best combination for keeping you dry, comfortable and focused on your work. To return the shoes to optimal condition, simply leave them out in a dry, well ventilated place for around 8 hours (or overnight) and they’ll be ‘boxfresh’ again.


Sympatex® provides a poreless, highly waterproof layer that will repel and resist penetration by moisture of any kind. Ice, rain, melting snow and damp are repelled even after many months of wear. Being waterproof for a week or a month of wear just isn’t enough. Wet, cold, feet can lead to fatigue and tiredness which can compromise safety. European Standards declare a material is waterproof if it can withstand water pressure of 1300mm, a Sympatex® membrane can withstand a water column of over 45000mm. At Emma we don’t compromise on materials, manufacture or your well being. Which is why we offer shoes and boots with Sympatex® and  Hydro-Tec® combined, there’s no better combination to keep you dry.


  • Hydro-Tec® absorbs and removes moisture, keeping feet dry.
  • Sympatex® stays waterproof after months of wear.
  • Bacteria and odours eliminated by Hydro-Tec® Sanitized® Silver comfort.
  • Combine Emma Hydro-Dry® socks with Emma Shoes for total safety and comfort.
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