The equal distribution of body weight between the front and back of the foot is key. Our shoes are designed to control the position of the foot to maximise the contact with the floor, increasing your all-round balance.


After extensive research in which we examined thousands of individual foot scans, we’ve learned where the key pressure points are in the foot. It’s this knowledge we’ve applied to creating and perfecting our sole designs. Different Emma soles offer different styles of grip for a wide variety of working outdoor and indoor environments. But whatever the surface, they all optimize the contact between floor and shoe. This is what we call achieving the ‘perfect balance’ – the point at which movement requires the minimum effort. The construction of Emma footwear is designed to reduce pronation (the twisting / turning movement of the foot). Excess movement or pronation can cause discomfort, aches, knee problems and even pain in the lower back. Optimal foot positioning is required whether the wearer is walking or standing for long periods. The shoe sole gives comfort and support underfoot and returns energy where it’s needed most.


Your feet carry the full weight of your body while standing and walking. Because your body works against gravity, it will produce tension in your feet and legs. This can lead to muscular and circulation problems unless your shoes / boots are anatomically designed to distribute your weight. A strong shank ensures the inner shoe doesn’t sink under pressure and remains supportive – enhancing energy while being worn. A wider ‘toe box’ at the head of the shoe is intended to accommodate any swelling of the feet may occur towards the end of the working day or night.

You can be sure that not only are Emma Safety shoes and boots safe but they are the most comfortable you can get!

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