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With for over 14 years’ experience in the footwear industry it made sense to start addressing the feet first!

We have noticed over the years that safety footwear is often the cause of people’s pain and discomfort. Designed for safety, this type of footwear often lacks the structural design to support the feet and aid the proper gait cycle, so in turn caused stress on the feet, ankles, knees hip and back.

After a number of years of testing safety footwear, many of which looked good but didn’t “walk the walk” we started offering Emma Safety Footwear to our clients in 2017!

Grown out of a social responsibility project Emma as a company is impressive on many levels. They strive to make the most comfortable and supportive safety shoe on the market and in our opinion, they have achieved just that.
They are also the 1st company to produce a fully circular safety shoe/boot and as of 2020 their entire range is circular meaning they are better for the environment too!

Insoles and safety shoes are typically not sold together because of the certification of the shoe so Emma make their own supportive insole! Perfect for those who need that extra support.
We intend to add more products to our range so keep an eye out but for now try a pair of Emma safety shoes or boots, we know you will love them.

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