safety footwear


Everything you do leaves a footprint behind in the world. So let’s make sure we make a positive footprint. That is why EMMA, together with its chain partners, sets a good example and paves the way for others to find new ways of working together towards energy-positive production and a sustainable economy. 


EMMA’s circular safety shoes mark the beginning of a new period in which the thinking about production and use of raw materials is radically dealt with. From now, EMMA offers the total safety shoe collection in a circular fashion, with material passports and an effortless service device with return logistics through the Circular Footwear Alliance. In order to make safety sustainable and sustainability safe. Without loss in quality or comfort, with a positive impact on people and on the planet.


We want to have control over our supply cycle and take responsibility for people and materials. And we want to challenge industry leaders to make positive changes with us. We want to optimally utilize and reuse raw materials and realize clean production so that we contribute to a circular and sustainable economy, in which everyone wins, without waste and with even more quality. This requires a different perspective and awareness from everyone in the value chain. We have drawn up a number of guidelines for this. For ourselves and for inspiration for other industry leaders. We want to create a movement for proud people from the industry who continuously take an extra step, with a focus on quality and positive impact. Every action you perform leaves a footprint in the world.

  1. Recognise the trail of destruction, know the trail of innovation
  2. Create 100% visibility and transparency of raw materials and production
  3. Give your products an identity
  4. Develop to suit the useful life of the product
  5. Design to recycle (dismantleable and develop with pure flows)
  6. Design with as much reuse value as possible
  7. Guarantee positive working conditions with growth opportunities
  8. Make sure that everyone can be involved in the employment process
  9. Produce efficiently and where possible within Europe
  10. Make use of reclaimed raw materials (urban mining)
  11. Produce zero waste and zero emissions
  12. Actively share and gather knowledge and skills in the cycle
  13. Continue to take positive steps forward
safety footwear
safety footwear
safety footwear

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